I thought October would be the month I would publish my first novel. But it seems I will be published by December. Reading on Smashwords, there needs first to be  marketing. How does an anti-social person market? I so hate FB. It’s the playground for those who are too lazy to make real connections. And no. i don’t care about what dish you’re cooking. Nor do I want to see another fucking pic of your goddamn baby! Jesus. I was reading some how-to article and it stated that to get the romance back in your relationship, you should pronounce your love for your partner on FB. Really???  The article stated that words of appreciation are more profound when made publicly. Total bullshit! It is how you are treated behind closed doors that touches the  truth of our intentions. We’ve all faked public happiness before. FB, YouTube, Twitter, all of that ‘social media’ is an extension of our fakeness, pardon my vernacular:)

Anyway, I realize i will have an uphill battle with marketing when i don’t particularly like people. I do enjoy individuals who are unique and see life as a gift; I do love caring for the ill since there is nothing but truth when one is in pain or dying. I’m just not into the everyday bullshit, fair-weather bff. But i’m a lone wolf, a rare breed. I like to get into people’s heads, know their thoughts, their fears, have a true conversation about what is real. IF that makes me anti-social, then i will die alone and quite happily not participating in the bullshit game of ‘look-at-me-look-at-me’.