what happened to the real men?

it’s 5am and i have an appt in a few hours but i am still up watching Real Steal about fighting robots. Hugh jackman is a hunk so i watch. he was awesome in Prisoners. i love movies with rich characters. this robot movie is just eye candy, oh it’s my only vice. men. Hugh has the body type that  seems headed for extinction today in society. i don’t know how to express politely the revulsion of this skinny jeans, hipster body type of grown men today. men don’t look like men. i miss their thick calves and thighs. their full, plump asses. their carved chests, broad shoulders parallel with the sky and those large, masculine, well manicured hands yet rough a bit. i want to feel crushed when a man lays on top of me. it is a total turn off to feel bones jabbing into me and that’s just with a hug. i don’t want a man whom i have to worry about physically accidentally hurting when we rough house, which i like to do; i’m a bit of a tomboy. i love being picked up and thrown on a bed, man handled. can’t do that with some man who’s 128lbs and 5’6″. i feel like i’m with an 11yo. creepy. it’s my preference, just the same as men who love big, fake titties and dyed blonde hair and hooker heals. to each their own. don’t hate. just saying to all the real men out there, keep up the great work, mmmm.