and a long jacket….

i can’t get that Cake song out of my head ” i want a girl in a short skirt and a looooooooooooooooooooooong jacket, na na na na na na na na na  na” ha.  i’m on this regimen to get Ted back. i need first go out on 2 dates before i can make contact with him. is that Corry booker single? i have never seen him with a family. i know he runs into burning buildings and all but don’t know his marital status. and no, this would be just a coffee date, not like with Ted. i must have lost my mind with him. a woman just knows when she meets a man for the first time that he is the one. whatever. so i will log onto the online dating site and start searching again. i rarely meet anyone. most of the men online are retarded in some irreparable way. it’s where they roam like cattle. there have been so many rejects: one guy after one date, he wanted me to cook him thanksgiving dinner. another actually had a hump in his back, no kidding, a true quasi-modo, not that i’m judging but i need a healthy, active male. another started talking about kids on the first date and wanted a son on the third. another (which i actually liked) had me pose in my undies while holding his shotgun, a real double barrel shotgun (i wonder where that pic is – i’m sure it will pop up when i start dating Cory:) the truth about Ted is that he stormed out of my apt yelling that i was an insomniac and that he couldnt get any sleep. but while he was storming out, he said ‘thank you’ for cleaning his searing pan (which he brought over with him from work). that thank you, in the midst of his insane rant, just melted my heart and i can’t shake it. i really don’t know how his dick ended up in my mouth in the kitchen while we were starting to clean up for the second time. again. is that wrong? i fully expected to see him again. in fact, he pinky swore that he would see me again b/c he really liked me, his words. i often fantasize about him in my kitchen wearing nothing but the spotless, all cotton, white apron i bought just for him. it’s hanging in my kitchen. waiting for him. oh my god i am such a bore, going on and on about him. but i feel so happy when i think of him. i feel satiated. i am completely wet right now. ugh. and i just removed my panty liner. should have waited. yeah. there are a lot of things i should have waited for:)