time for more wine

i’m almost finished with my 1.5L of wine. not finished as in one fell swoop (or is it fall swoop) but finished in the sense that i will need to buy more to last for the next 2 weeks. i don’t like going to the wine and spirits shop because it’s just too intimate. i don’t like people knowing how much i drink. sure i could go to another shop and buy but i’m too lazy and that extra travel would cost more gas and in turn, raise the cost of the bottle of wine. so i continue to go to my local state store. it’s funny there sometimes. you know how we blacks are vocal sometimes:), well this older black guy was in line, wavering and slurring his speech. the cashier said that he couldn’t be serviced if he was visibly impaired. the guy said he was not impaired but recovering from a massive stroke, which is why he was swaying and slurring words. he said even the doctors were impressed with how well he has recovered. we all laughed. it was very funny. funnier that he could come up with that lie and deliver it without skipping a beat. the last time i was involved, unwillingly. i was in line and a grandfatherly type guy step out of line to get something else. When he came back he jokingly asked to get back in front of me. i said no, with a smile. then he starts joking that if i wasn’t so pretty that he would take me down and then he complained to the cashier that i busted in front of him and then the cashier started in on me, telling me they don’t condone line busting. it was a scene. it was one of those comical seinfeld moments that happen to me all of the time. which is why i’m dreading going back for wine. i don’t like people knowing my vices. “well why are you writing about them?” because nobody reads my shit anyway. ok? ok. red moscato by Barefoot or anything by Barefoot. I love their pink moscato champagne. and yes you can drink champagne everyday, especially if it’s only 10.99$ a bottle. fuck the cunts who say champagne is only for celebrations. i celebrate every day of good health and good fortune.  i don’t drink it everyday since it doesnt last more than 2 days, so that would involve more trips to the store. i’m really not feeling this today. can you tell? i sent some guy my number online and he hasn’t used it yet. i wrote him that he probably wouldn’t use it and the fucker proved me right. i hate being right all of the time:)