reported missing (out of view continued)

Detective Sophia Miller celebrated her 44th birthday with store brand microwave popcorn and several glasses of red moscato. One divorce and several failed relationships did not sour her on men, but she had had enough. No more blind dates. No more online dating. No more. She sat in bed with the tv on mute, staring at two missing person files. Nicole Papin and Andrea Thomas. Both white females. Both mid-late 20’s and blonde. Nicole graduated from Temple University with honors and a degree in psychology. Unfortunately, she also left college with an unsavory prescription drug habit. From family statements, she burned all of her bridges with failed rehabs, lying and stealing. Her best friend from college reported her missing 14 months ago. Andrea was living out of a car when she had her two children placed in foster care by social services. She did not show for her petition for custody hearing. Her case worker reported her missing 7 months ago. Miller saw a connection. Tenuous, but still a connection. From the statements, both women were getting their lives back on track. Nicole was sober and staying on her best friend’s sofa when she vanished. Andrea had found gainful employment and signed a one year lease for a small two bedroom apartment when she vanished. No one was looking for either of them. It was the same tired story: strapped city budget; no overtime; priority for high-profile cases only.  She laid back on her pillows and stared at the water damaged, pealing popcorn ceiling. “Last seen? Last seen?” she questioned out loud. Neither case was fortunate enough to have working surveillance cameras at their last seen location. Was that dumb luck or something else? Was she grabbing at straws? Her phone started vibrating. “Detective Miller,” she answered. An abandoned Mercedes was discovered in a parking garage. The owner of the vehicle was reported missing.