Being broke: The sacrifice most stay at home moms only complain about to their best friend.

something different this way comes… [in response to a blog]:

…to answer your question: yes. it does make you shallow. but the beauty of your introspection cancels it out. your post was funny (in the been-there-done-that sort of way) and heartwarming. know that i’ve lived that way my whole life and only splurge when i have a surplus. and as always, something comes along to make me regret the splurge. but this is my life. and this is your life. a second income would be a very good idea (even considering the logistics: child care, new resume, interviews, etc). sorry, but you just don’t have ghetto DNA. accept it. i do have the ghetto gene. i live for cheap wine! i go out of my way to wait for sales at the wine and spirit shop down the street. i just bought 12 bottles of Purex,(not at the wine shop) 50oz @ $1.99 each, plus 5 cents discount for each shoprite canvas bag i used. i live alone, no kids. so what the fuck do i need with 12 bottles of detergent! but i have the money now, so i buy what i need in case something happens, (so what exactly could happen that would require me to have a Kuwaiti-sized barrel of detergent? i don’t know, but i’m prepared in case the dirty clothes & towels apocalypse occurs) and i don’t even own a coffee-maker, or a blender, or a juicer, or electric can opener. i don’t own a set of matching or complete set of pots and pans. and furniture. please. i have a sofa, a small dining table and a bed, oh, and the rest is hand me downs. and i can never be embarrassed because i don’t invite people over (gee, that’s surprising). and i have never had a mani or a pedi, not that i can’t afford it (the very thought of some stranger (who is probably a trafficked human) touching my fingers and toes just grosses me the fuck out, especially knowing that they probably didn’t sterilize their equipment; helloooooo hepatitis). and the list goes on (seriously. i had to edit a lot out). there are so many things that a normal household (or normal woman) has, that i have never acquired and have never had a strong desire for. but that is the hidden blessing of growing up poor, you learn to do without. if you know what it is like to Have, then when you Have Not, life can be just agonizing. if having certain things bring a smile to your face, or comfort to your soul, then you should get off of the fence and find any way necessary to get those things back. so return to the work force, if for any other reason, to stop having to buy generic cereal (yuck. i’m black and even i don’t buy that crap. that’s too ghetto for even me:) and by the way, i’ve used up all of my creative energy writing you (not really, but no one has to know that), so i’m reblogging you, so i don’t have to stay up til 7am again writing the ‘perfect story’. i’d rather spend the night reading other people’s blogs and responding. thank you for sharing. and if i’ve totally freaked you out, that’s ok, it’s what i do best.


Recently, I have been seriously considering going back in to the workforce. I don’t simply say, “go back to work” because believe me, as a stay at home Mom, I already work 24-7.  I just don’t receive a paycheck for it.  I gave up a pretty healthy pay check in order to stay at home with the kids.  I know it may sound selfish to focus on what I gave up but what a Mother and her children gain is talked about over and over again.  What we lose isn’t because we feel guilty.  So for this post, I have flipped guilt the middle finger.

I have a love/hate relationship with Thursdays.  Thursdays are pay day.  When the bills that absolutely have to be paid are paid, I stare at what’s left and get that “I fucking hate this” feeling in my stomach.   I wonder on a daily basis where has my mind gone and what the hell…

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