i write for no one

I write for no one.

I write for just myself.

If you do not like what you read,

Please place it back on the shelf.

And with speed, upon such placement,

I shall file it under, “go fuck yourself”.


I write for no one.

The thoughts come as they please.

They spill unfiltered from my head,

Not meant to anger or to tease.

Been at it only two weeks now.

“Really?” I know; hard to believe.


I write for no one.

Such secrets each line reveals.

Telling you who I am,

Not trying to conceal

That deep inside of my soul,

I have never healed.


I write for no one.

Such hurdles do I place.

Trying to finish the perfect piece,

As if it were some race.

But with each word I pen,

Some loneliness is erased.


I write for no one.

These words you read are true.

I write to experience bliss,

In all its magnificent hues.

I write  to share what’s in my heart.

I write, my love, for you.