your soul to keep

there is a bedtime tale i have heard

about always saying your prayers.

begging the lord your soul to keep

from those dark forces we fear.


the tale tells of one young girl

who boasted she wasn’t scared

of anything that would go bump in the night.

“tall tales,” she said. “I don’t care for prayers.”


then one crisp night, when all alone

and in the sky, brightly shined, the moon,

she was unaware of something evil

hatching from its cocoon.


with music playing and in her bed

she closed her eyes and felt the beat,

fully unaware that there was lurking

a darkness only prayers could defeat.


through an unlocked window it slithered

with ease and precision towards its prey.

its insatiable lust  for the sweet taste of warm blood

that would soon come flowing its way.


its hand on the banister, its feet on the stairs,

toward her, it silently crept.

how could she know that something foul

would soon be upon her while she slept.


now in her room and by her side,

it salivated on its feast.

its claw like hand, clinching her mouth,

she awakes and sees the beast.


tears filled her eyes, terror consumed her soul.

“please god, please change my fate,”

but it waved its finger and shook its head,

it grinned, “sweet child, you are too late.”


the moonlight caressed the blade in the air,

it seemed to sparkle as it fell.

carving every inch of her flesh,

oh the horror, that moon could tell.


one breath from death, it snatched

out her eyes and swallowed each one whole.

her final exhale was its grand release,

for it had devoured her precious soul.


into the darkness it returned,

in the shadow it waits, ever so patiently,

for all those who dare to tempt their fate,

for all those who don’t believe.


heed this tale, and recite your prayers each night,

or what befalls you may be appalling,

for you never see the eyes of the devil

until for yours, he comes calling.