do not follow me

do not follow me, i have nothing to say,

but things of passion i choose to share that day.

words of truth that resonate with just me,

if you might agree, is of no consequence you see.


do not follow me, i do not seek your praise.

i use my words to banish my haze.

my flurry of thoughts become such a fog,

that writing you see, is the hair of the dog.


do not follow me, please do not anoint.

my words will soon inevitably disappoint,

because you will think i spoke out of turn,

how could i do that? you are not my concern.


do not follow me, i am vulgar. i am rude.

more often than not, i am particularly lewd.

i say fuck, i say cunt, and throw in a god damn,

no p.c. for me, i am who i am.


do not follow me, for i will never apologize

for insulting you. for how could i realize

that my words would stir in you, such fury and rage.

an easy remedy: simply change the page.


do not follow me, for i have but one goal:

to write for me, for my words make me whole.

if i must burn it all down and start anew,

hear these words: i always do what i must do.