Since I started blogging a month ago, my life has slowly changed. I noticed two nights ago that I laugh out loud when I’m alone now. Really hard, gut busting laughter, with tears in my eyes. I felt a bit uneasy at first because I always expect the worst to happen: be prepared for the worst, I would always tell myself. But you know, that stops today! It stops today. Today I will be prepared for the best life has to offer. I will seek out happiness in all its forms. I will finally allow myself to love my fucking awesome Penthouse apartment. I will stop saying, I live on the top floor next to the fire escape. The elevator button does not display Top Floor Next to the Fire Escape. It displays PH, for PentHouse, and I have a kick ass awesome view of the city to view this year’s new year’s eve fireworks celebration. I have an awesome new job that I got for myself for being outstanding in my profession. I have uncovered another budding career in writing which I completely cannot do without. I am healthy. I have all of my teeth, and with no cavities. I am attractive and young and I am intelligent and highly humorous. So no more preparing for the worst. No more!

I owe all of this to the countless blogs I have skimmed (I’m being truthful) and have connected with on some level, be it big or small. In this season of giving thanks, I want to thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, who have made me secretly smile by allowing me to be me, in all of my deeply flawed and over-sexed glory:) Though I may not comment on all blogs I follow, or all blogs I liked, know that a piece of me is connected to you, and because of it, I am a happier and more thankful human being, human living, and human thriving.