first day at new job

Tuesday November 5, 2013

9PM: She watches the Goldbergs & tells herself to get ready for 1st day @ new job tomorrow morning. She then opens the large package delivered from It contains 2 gorgeous human hair wigs. She models them in the bathroom mirror and can’t decide which one to wear tomorrow. She is so beside herself with joy with how awesome she looks in the wigs, that she goes online to buy more wigs.

10PM: She watches Person of Interest & tells herself to get ready for 1st day @ new job tomorrow morning. She is still shopping for more wigs. Now she is also shopping for discount coupon codes to apply to the wigs she will buy (she really loves a bargain). She is also reading WordPress emails. She’s very happy that people are following her, even though she told them not to. She’s quite a conflicted girl. “No email yet from Ted,” she said to herself. Ted was the one who got away; technically she never had him. It was only one date, but he had her at hello. She reminds herself to be happy and prepare for the best. She smiles and continues surfing and watching tv.

11PM: She watches the news & she then asks herself, “When exactly are you going to get ready?” No answer. She is still surfing and decides to see if any new profiles have been loaded to the online dating site, where she’s been a member for over a year. “Ooh. He looks nice,” she thinks to herself. She crafts the mysterious, tall drink of water a message. She did get a return message from another man, but he lives in Canada. She tries to write something that makes him believe she is interested, but really she’s only responding to him because he responded to her. And she only searched for men in Canada since she wasn’t having any luck in her own country. As previously mentioned, she’s conflicted. “But at least he’s in North America,” she thought happily.

Wednesday November 6, 2013

Midnight: She finally settles on 3 wigs but she has to buy 3 more mannequin heads for the wigs. Then she realizes that she needs to rearrange her walk-in closet to accommodate all of these wigs. She goes into the closet and starts moving small wicker baskets around but realizes the new wigs will need a permanent home. Her Burton snowboard bag would have to go somewhere else. That top shelf needed to be the new wig display shelf. That was too big a job to tackle tonight, “maybe the weekend,” she thought.

12:45AM: She looks at her fingernails and decides to give herself a manicure, but only one coat of clear nail polish. She would apply the second coat after her shower. While the first coat is drying, she watches more tv and reads some posts. She deletes some without reading them, since they are negative, and she’s on a new regimen of being happy and preparing for the best, so she just reads positive ones. She wants to post her childhood poems she wrote in the 8th grade, but she didn’t feel like looking for her yearbook (at least that’s what she told herself – but she knew all of her yearbooks are in the walk-in closet, right by the wicker baskets she just recently placed on the floor – she secretly just didn’t want to be reminded of her age – she wonders why people have to be given ages, “…age is so subjective…” she thought).

1:30AM: Finally she is in the bathroom. She looks at her face and decides to give herself a facial.

1:45AM: She finally gets into the shower. It’s a long one since she gives herself a mini-pedi.

2:15AM: With the shower completed, she starts the second coat of nail polish. She watches more tv while her nails dry. She also surfs some more. She then realizes she forgot to pay the rent by the 5th. She immediately pays the rent online. She was happy there was no late fee applied.

3:00AM She finally makes her bed on the floor. She’s been sleeping in her sleeping bag on the floor since she doesn’t wake up with back pain when she uses the floor. She really enjoys the floor. It reminds her of childhood camping in the woods. She places into her back pack, all of the paperwork she might need for her first day of work.

3:15AM: Finally in bed and lights off.

4:15AM: Still awake.

7:00AM: She assumes she slept since she had a few dreams, but she feels exhausted. She keeps looking at the clock until 9AM.

9:00AM: Alarms vibrates, then sounds. It was no surprise since she was already awake, watching the clock. She remembers dreams of being late for exams or late for giving a report, she also couldn’t find her clothes in one of the dreams. Although all she has to do is brush her teeth, put on her scrubs, put on make-up and put on her new wig, she is still late leaving her apartment – wait – PentHouse apartment.

9:35AM: She gets in the elevator. It stops on the 8th floor. A thin, older gentleman gets on hurriedly. He says, “I don’t know why I’m in a hurry. I have no place to go.” They exchange smiles. The elevator stops on the 5th floor. A college student gets on with a large shopping cart. He isn’t in a hurry. Finally she arrives at the mezzanine and runs to her car. She drops her keys and blurts out loud, “Really?” She continues blurting things out loud (some not so nice) as she tries to rush through traffic. Five minutes into driving, she passes another center owned by the same company. “Why couldn’t I have been hired there? I’d be at work right now!” She realized she wasn’t being happy and preparing for the best, to which she replied, “Go fuck yourself! I’m driving! Move! Move! Why isn’t she moving?!” She finally arrives at her new job. She couldn’t find a parking space. She was livid. She started blurting more things out loud. As she made a second run around the lot, she saw an open spot. “Finally,” she sighs. She quickly walks into the building to see several others waiting in the lobby. She finds a seat and takes out her smartphone: 9:59AM. She shakes her head and rolls her eyes.

10:15AM: The HR manager arrives and welcomes all of the new hires. As she is escorted to the conference room with the group, she relaxes, takes a deep breath, and thinks to herself, “I am happy. I am prepared for the best”. She also breaths a sigh of relief that she saw no one wearing any of the style of wigs she had recently bought. That made her really happy and prepared for the best.