more accomplished as a Child poet

Walking in the Rain 

Some people are rushing to get where they want to be, but I take my time. Adults take firm grips of their children’s hands, while scolding them about leaping into puddles. Furiously, the windshield wipers push raindrops from their territory. Autos glide through the watery streets, splashing thick muddy water on pedestrians that are within their drenching reach. A I walk in the rain, I encounter all of these things.

If I watch even more closely, I can see each individual raindrop fall. Each and every raindrop has its own destination. Some of them coast down a person’s face, while others crowd amongst themselves on streets and sidewalks.

When I listened closely, I heard the raindrops’ music. I was fascinated by it and was quickly lured into its doors of voicelessness and peace. It was like nothing that I had ever heard before. The sweet sounding melody tranquilized me. When the raindrops fell, they sounded like bells on an xylophone.

However, this paradise didn’t last forever. I was unfortunately awakened by cars’ horns. I soon realized that I had fully captured the beauty of the moment. So, what did I do? I joined the crowd of rushing people.


I Wish

I wish –

I were soft slippers

bringing comfort to hard

workers’ feet.

And, I wish –

that their troubles would

fade away as I

lullabye them to sleep.


-The above two entries were written by me at age 13, and published in my eighth-grade yearbook. My writing is very descriptive and precise. And the grammar is outstanding for a child. Is it possible to be jealous of yourself? Thirteen year old Rida looks like a better writer than 30-something Rida. Hmm.