brazilian jiu jitsu class

Friday, October 1, 2010

1)  Side-arm choke w/face punch: defend with outside arm Hitler pose to deflect face punch. Slide your outreached arm down attacker’s punching arm, to grab wrist (thumb under). Inside arm reaches around perp’s back. Grab his bicep or inside forearm if bicep’s too big. Pin it to his side. Release the outside hand from the perp’s wrist & grab the wrist that’s choking you & pin it to your chest. Look up at ceiling & inflate chest. Step to side w/outside leg, then step back w/inside leg coming out of choke & lifting perp’s arm up at a 90° angle, dislocating shoulder.

2)  Throat choke w/hand: defend by striking cheerleader pose over perp’s wrist. Twist your wrists clockwise, turning into perp, turning his straight arm elbow up. Squeezing his arm into your armpit, squat deeply while bringing your inside elbow to your inside knee.

3)  Had date w/Noah tonight. He is the perfect kisser for me. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s looking to be in a committed relationship w/me. I will try to get a 2nd date but the deck is stacked against me.

–  I had too much to do today to write something of significance. I placed this entry only because it seems I never change. Here I am again, chasing yet another man. He was one of the memorable ones. Perhaps I will describe one of our encounters tomorrow. I dated him for only a month. Instead of Oktoberfest, I called it Fuktoberfest.