three wishes (part 1)

She sat alone along the deserted highway,
The sun perched too high in the sky.
With the needle pass empty and her money all spent,
The tank wasn’t all that had run dry.
She swung open the rusted door, it squealed
As if beseeching to be relieved of its pain.
As she stepped out of her car into the unforgiving heat,
She could not help but feel the same.
The road that loomed before her and the one abandoned behind,
Left her frozen with doubt and dread.
Her whole life strewn in boxes and garbage bags;
With past transgressions and regret lingering in her head.
As she stared aimlessly at the burning horizon,
Her eye caught something out of place.
For across the road she spotted a weathered tea pot,
Mostly buried in sand, only its spout reached out into the waste.
She crossed the asphalt and got down on her knees
To free the pot from the near barren land.
It took some effort, as she clawed with her fingers
The jagged edge of the spout sliced deeply into her hand.
She recoiled in pain and grabbed at the cut
To stop the bleeding and catch her breath.
She noticed a drop of her blood had entered the spout
And there came a sudden tightening in her chest.
For before her appeared an ominous shadow
That hovered just above the ground.
It had eyes of ember that pierced her soul,
And its voice had the distinct sound
Of swarming bees. It reached out to her and caressed her bleeding hand,
As it did her gash was instantly healed.