letter to Ted

Hi Ted,

I was in Target today and had a grinning/giggling fit. I was reaching for a jumbo size of bathroom tissue and thought of you. Remember all of the rolls of tissue in my bathroom? Lol:) When the zombie apocalypse hits, and I crap myself, I  have nothing to fear since I have a silo of tissue to wipe for days, haha, plus sani-drops, lol!!

Anyway, I placed an order at Wholefoods for 2-six lb fresh ducks. Could you give me directions on how to prepare/cook them please? I know I can go online, but the meal you created for me was amazingly memorable and I want to try to re-create that on my own but exactly (well, as close as possible) as you would do it. (And remember, I don’t have many cooking utensils, so your list might also include a pan to cook them in, ha, I’m hopeless in the kitchen:)

Thanks so much,

me. trying to get this man re-interested. let’s see if he bites. small moves. small moves…