the death of her

he had her at hello, she thought, when he greeted her at her door.
handsome, tall with dark brooding eyes, she hoped she was not done for.
he’s the kind who would make her forget about her honor and chastity.
make her believe he could forgive her weakness and not judge her wicked deed.
he told her to stand near him as he prepared her a dining feast.
his body and hands glided so effortlessly, that he unknowingly released
a beast that grew and grew inside of her, that had an insatiable thirst.
a thirst that consumed the very soul of her. she was truly cursed.
“why can’t i have a different taste, one of his warm, sweet flesh?
just a quick nibble is all it’d be, my urges won’t be suppressed.”
she pushed those thoughts out of her mind, but every time he came near,
this mounting, succulent ache inside of her was more than she could bear.
he sensed this beast inside of her and drew her body against his.
he cradled her face in his strong hands and whispered, “do you want this?”
she tried to protest, but the beast within emerged and spoke one single word,
“yes” and the battle had been lost. tonight the beast would be the death of her.