30 days sober

she could not remember the exact day, so she chose 30 days ago. she
had been sober for 30 days. 30 days free from sustained negative thoughts.
30 days free from preparing for the worst. 30 days free from doubting her worth.
30 days free from not achieving her true potential. without realizing it,
she had freed herself from… herself.
she is now free to choose to be happy, free to see the little joys of life that
were always right in front of her, always there waiting to be grasped.
waiting for her to accept the one unconditional gift. the gift of knowing
that there is more good in the universe than evil. evil is the squeaky wheel.
but good, good is eternal, it can never be created or destroyed, it just is.
it is that cool, gentle breeze on a steamy summer’s night. it is that door
held open for you although you are many, many steps away. it is that ‘Like’
to your post you thought might be too abstract. these little moments of joy add up,
they are cumulative, they live in perpetuity.
she is now free to do the math.
she has counted 30 days of joy…