necrotic tissue

in this age of rampant diabetes and increased elder care, working in the health care profession, she knew she would inevitably encounter necrotic tissue more than once. but she did not realize  the extent of the all consuming odor of rotting flesh, and where it would lead her.

at the tail end of  her cataclysmic break-up, she refused to put the ice cream back in the freezer. he had a knack of leaving things on the kitchen counter for her to place back into the fridge. this time, she left it out. the black box of breyer’s vanilla ice cream sat on the counter for several days in an unconditioned kitchen with intense southern light exposure. he managed a small tavern, so he slept there at closings. no need for him to come home. so there it continued to sit. the stench growing stronger than her hatred of the man; its repugnant smell became another presence in the house that once was a home. by the sixth day, she could tolerate it no more, but instead of destroying and disposing of it, she placed it in the fridge, not the freezer. in her mind, she could still win this battle of the irrational wills. so there the ice cream sat. it squatted in the fridge for several weeks, until they finally became civil to one another. whether it was due to the stench, or the exhaustion of fighting, she didn’t know. she removed the foul creature from its unwelcome home. she doused the fridge with ammonia, but the decrepit scent still lingered.

that scent re-emerged with a fierce vengeance, when she treated her first patient diagnosed with necrotic tissue. also emerging, memories of her failed marriage. she observed, as the specialist excised the rotting flesh with a fine scalpel. she had an epiphany: that which is dead, must be removed so healthy tissue can regrow and thrive once more. if the dead tissue is allowed to fester, it will destroy not only the surrounding tissues and organs, but it will eventually kill the host. such is the same in bad relationships. not slicing out the slough, can destroy you. she knew at that moment, that she had made the right decision in excising him from her life. he needed to be sliced out permanently, so that she could regrow again and thrive once more.