time is on my side

time stood watch as she emerged
from the unwelcome womb.
it counted every second
of gloom and doom.
it kept careful tally
of each indignity.
no matter how small,
it witnessed each deed.
it saw her pain,
saw how much she wept.
it wanted to soothe her
each night as she slept.
time whispered in her ear
one night as she lay,
“i will always protect you
until your dying day.
i will keep you youthful,
i will keep you strong.
there will come a time
when your happiness will be lifelong.”
she stirred one night,
many winters passed by.
she gazed in the mirror
and to her surprise,
she felt loved, she felt
safe, she felt joy for the first time.
she finally believed
her life would be sublime.
time looked on
until the day she died,
time kept its promise,
it never left her side.
time stood watch
as she was reborn.
this time it promised
she would never be forlorn.
it kept its promise
although she died at age ten,
she never knew a day of sadness,
she never knew a day of pain.
time keeps watch over all of us,
it knows the final score.
time closes every window.
time opens every door.
time is always on your side
even when you feel abandoned.
time will always emerge as promised,
back on your side once again.