why online dating sites are full of cowardly, worthless men

Van:  Hey baby kissy face (nov 19)

Rida:   hi Van:) hope your day is going well thus far. i have a far out idea for our date, but only if you trust me.you could pick me up on friday and drive me to your place. we would stay there together watching tv or playing parcheesi. then you would go to work, leaving me there until you returned from work. but of course, you would have to trust me. i wouldn’t leave you alone in my place, so i completely understand. but on the other hand, i’ve passed my drug test, and my federal state background clearances and i haven’t raped any kids in the past consecutive 12 months:) it’s up to you. i won’t steal your identity since i actually have good credit for a black person:) it would be nice to wake up to you, even if it is 5oclock in the morning… (nov 21)

Rida:   after re-reading this, i still don’t get why you freaked out. how is it ok to talk about dildo shopping and sado/masochism, but not ok to suggest a sleep over (where nothing sexual would have occurred)? i recall you telling me you fantasized about eating me out and licking my latex, thigh high boots (and many other kinky things), so should I have freaked out when you said those things? maybe, but i’m an adult, i’ve heard far out things before, they don’t phase me. they are just words that have no basis in reality. you were the one who wanted to see me so badly. you were the one who was trying to re-arrange his work schedule. i merely suggested a logical  solution that would not require you to lose sleep and to get to work on time, so i’m the psycho for trying to accommodate you. you are a 35 year old grown ass man. if something freaks you out, learn how to use your words. don’t be a cock tease or total asshole to a very nice person who actually found you very captivating and refreshing. i did nothing wrong besides play by the rules you set in motion. if i apologize for anything, it’s for believing you were a unique, adventurous and honorable man. clearly i was wrong.  please continue not contacting me. (nov 25)



ps:  i am still in my happy place. this loser initiated every single contact. he chased ME! but the second i became ‘aggressive’, he says, “oh, that kinda came out of nowhere, you wanting to sleep over.” wtf! him telling me he wanted me to ass-rape him with a small dildo, came out of nowhere too, but i thought we were both adults. clearly, online men can’t take the heat they dish out. bunch of limp-dicked spineless social retards. but hey, maybe it’s me. maybe i am fucking scary, like boiling bunnies on the stove scary. here’s a tip to you so-called men who can only talk to women online: don’t start shit with a woman who’s gonna call you on it! you fucking fuckwads!!!!!!   wow. i feeler better now.   [at least i got 2 great posts from that fucker]