beneath the mask

did you even bother to read my haiku on adoption? do you even read my posts? here. read this post of mine:

then we can compare who has had the more fucked up life.

and for the record, OM, i have been rejected by my birth mother, my bloodline and my race.  so i plenty fucking understand.  only difference is, i don’t waste my time arguing, i go out and make the world change, bend its will to my own.

being told by my own mother that she wished i was dead, made me a fighter. so the fighter in me tells you to go fuck yourself.

go fuck yourself because you are too blinded by your personal rage to see that my haiku was an homage to adoption. go fuck yourself because you are too self-consumed to see that your passion for adoption moved me so much that i quit writing about myself and wrote about how treasured adoption is.

stop fucking skimming shit and read shit all the way through. that’s the blessing of having a tiny number of Followers, i get to experience their life through their eyes and actually give a damn about it without passing judgment.