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    Tags: attempt, failure, , success   

    know the company you keep… 

    my failures are too numerous to name. but i know i am in good company.  quitting is not within me. neither is it within you… 


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    Hi. My name is Zin (not really) and I am a blocked artist. 

    we are all blocked sometimes, more often than not, by ourselves. throw caution to the wind and just write whatever your fingers will allow…

    Chasing The Red Thread

     I have been struggling with blocks for many years. When I was in college, this was not the case. I was churning out awesome work all the time. In between my many demanding classes I was producing work on the side, just for fun. I was always creating something.

    It flowed and it was effortless.

    Then things changed. I don’t know what happened, and I’m sure it wasn’t just one thing, but gradually I started losing my grip on my creativity. A stumble here and delay there. Other artists were progressing, but I wasn’t.

    The career in games I had studied for never appeared. I was instead hired to an engineering firm as their only artist to render perspective projects. A fine starting job, but the next time I looked around years had flown past, and I? I had gone nowhere. And worse, my skills hadn’t either, while the…

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    Tags: adversity, Arts, doubt, , , Nelson Mandela, Relationships, , South Africa   

    #1 greatest Nelson Mandela quote 

    Difficulties break some men but make others. No axe is sharp enough to cut the soul of a sinner who keeps on trying, one armed with the hope that he will rise even in the end.


    She understood. It took his passing to know her place in the world. So much heartache, so much sorrow. There had to be a purpose to it all. Why was she being tested? How much could she bear? She doubts herself. But the doubt should be welcomed. Doubt is introspection. Doubt is courage. Her difficulties have made her. They continue to shape her into the blessing she is, although she didn’t see it yet, she understood.

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    out of view (conclusion) 

    Work in Progress...

    If he could change anything, it would be to have someone to share his thoughts with. “That doesn’t make me weak,” he whispered out loud, almost afraid someone or something could hear him and judge him. He stood naked in the center of his warehouse studio condo. He purchased it for a steal in 2009. He bought it specifically because it faced a brick wall and had a private entrance. “The owner is very eager to negotiate price since this unit does not have a view and is in the middle of renovations.” said the anxious realtor, when she showed him the listing. The unfinished renovations was a bonus to him but he didn’t let on. He loved the feel of the antique wide plank flooring under his bare feet. The realtor said the boards were salvaged from a church built in 1841. He felt that was a sign. A…

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    out of view 

    Work in Progress...

    A man in a wheelchair crosses the street. There are three lanes of traffic: in the north curb lane a woman in a Mercedes Benz observes, in the center lane a man in a beat-up half-ton pickup truck watches. In the south curb lane, a bike messenger waits for the light to turn.”

    Sandy straddles her bike at the light. She wipes sweat from the corner of her eye with her sun-weathered knuckle, slightly lifting her shades. “Shit!” she thought as she watched the man in the wheelchair cross the street. Seeing his black leather glove grip and release the chrome pushrim of his rear wheel, she realized she left her gloves at the reception counter on her last stop. Now she would have to double back after the next drop. It wasn’t a long ride but the sticky, breeze-less city air made the extra trip irritating. As…

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    Tags: , Christmas and holiday season, holiday, New Year, , reflection   

    the day after… 


    T – time to exhale
    H – home returns to normal, somewhat
    E – enjoy the gifts

    D – do the dishes
    A – accept you spent too much
    Y – yell at the kids

    A – aching back returns
    F – finish off the last bottle of wine
    T – treat self to long, hot bath
    E – entertain the idea of partying for new year’s eve
    R – recognize christmas was enough excitement for the year

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    Tags: , , hoidays, , stress relief   

    #1 way to beat holiday stress 


    …see you on the 26th:)

    • tdawneightyone 10:29 am on December 25, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I used to have this hanging in my office.

      • ContactRida 4:12 am on December 26, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        yeah it’s funny. speaking of banging head, i will probably go back to my old theme since this one is causing way too many problems. doesnt it always figure… hope you had a great holiday and had some peaceful time at home.

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    Merry Christmas 



    I have nothing really to post, I only want to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I look forward to seeing you all in 2014 and sharing and being shared with 🙂

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    Tags: care, geriatric, hospice, long term care, , RN   

    the hardest job in the world 

    i hold your hand to chase away your fears
    i listen when you reminisce
    i prevent your fall when you stumble
    i treat your illnesses
    i dress your wounds
    i forgive your bad days
    i accept you as you are
    i take a small piece of you home with me every night
    when you look into my eyes and say thank you
    you bring purpose to my life
    i know who i am because of you
    i know why i am because of you
    i am a nurse
    i am

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    Tags: , code, IT help desk, , tech geeks, Themes, , WordPress forums, YouTube   

    the trap of paying for a WordPress Theme 


    If you have followed or recently looked at this blog, you may have noticed that it looks a bit more adult, professional, or better. But paying for this Basics Math Theme ($75), has left me with nothing but headaches. I’ve wasted hours trying to do simple things my free Minimalist Theme did automatically, like Reblog or post YouTube videos that weren’t cut off on the left side of the screen.

    It’s these little things that push a person over the edge. Something as simple as posting, has now become something that angers me. I was angry all day today, and I could not figure out why until I tried to ReBlog a great post and it completely blew up my blog.

    I have two scholarship essays to complete by the end of the month and I’m not writing them because I’m trying to write source code. Really? Yes, really? I would have a better chance inventing cold fusion, than trying to write code for my site. I don’t understand Shortcode, CSS, or

    . It may as well be hieroglyphics.

    When I use my hard earned money to improve my site, it should work better than the free themes. Correct? I can already hear the tech geeks and their geekie voices, “well your theme doesn’t support blah, blah, blah, geek, geek, geek” SO, what you’re actually saying is that the more money I spend at WordPress, the less the return I will receive. And stop telling me to post it. You have my name, address, telephone number and now my money. Why am I running you down? Fix it! Just fix it! Wait. Let me guess. I need to pay for a service contract.

    What you tech geeks don’t understand or care about, is that this little piece of nothing, my blog, is an extension of me. I care when something goes wrong with it, or I can’t get something simple done. You may think I am stupid because I don’t understand code, but if a genius can not explain something in terms the listener can understand, then who is the stupid one?

    Just fix the problem. Just fix it. (Could anyone tell me why this is aligned this way? This is the $%^# I’m talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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    Tags: bed, crazy chicks, dating, , pillow talk, psychopath, Seven Psychopaths, , teddy bear   

    1 of the 7 Psychopaths 

    My life is an open book, and now… an open bedroom. Take a peek, if you dare…     (ps: left is the new right;)

    • tdawneightyone 10:19 am on December 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      You make your bed??? lol… and all of your stuff matches!!! oh so jealous. I’d take a stepping stool if I could just have one set of bedding that matches!!!! Thanks for the glimpse into your “insanity”.

      • ContactRida 10:34 am on December 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        thank you:) this is my linen madness in sequential order: waterproof mattress protector, expensive egyptian cotton queen set, expensive matching quilt, semi-expensive white cotton quilt, then three cheap twin cotton sheets, then the very expensive down comforter you see. i sleep on top of the 2 twin sheets and the other twin sheet covers my body and is under the down comforter. i do this as to not soil my expensive linen. and if you look closer in the video, i have two throws on the desk chair. i am OCD to infinity when it comes to bedding. you don’t even want to know about my bathroom towels. i am completely nuts, but i own very few shoes. go figure:)

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    Tags: Charlotte Gainsbourg, , drug addiction, fucking, German, Jamie Bell, Lars von Trier, Nymphomaniac, porn, pornography, Schadenfreude, Sexual addiction, Shia Labeouf, Trier, Uma Thurman   

    nymphomaniac – uncut 


    “The grunting and grimacing epic stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman and Shia Labeouf, and is hotly anticipated both because of von Trier’s controversial status and because its scenes of coitus are expected to be envelop-pushing.” http://movies.yahoo.com/news/nymphomaniac-screen-uncut-version-berlin-film-festival-152735471.html

    I don’t know where to begin with this cinematic bullshit (and my language isn’t foul, it’s controversial and envelope-pushing).  What is it about watching people fuck, that makes it interesting? If this movie had no fucking, sorry, coitus, would you bother to watch it? I will take your silence as a resounding no. Ooh ahh, genitals close up, multiple partners, S&M, oh my! Really? Why do you continue to lie to yourself and call such drivel cutting edge art. In its simplest form, it is a film which offers the fucking as the full course, and plot as garnishment. I’m sure you’re thinking  this film is worthy because it delves into sex addiction. Ok. True sex addicts are the same as drug addicts: they destroy the lives of their families and friends, all for the sake of that next high. There is nothing sexy about self-destruction. Know this: if you take pleasure in watching films of this caliber, you are a true Schadenfreude.

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    • katiemorningstar 4:48 pm on January 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      “Right on. Nothing wrong with a good sexy scene, but porn is porn, no matter who stars in it. And sex addiction isn’t sexy.

    • Matthew A Bennett 10:27 pm on December 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      This is a great commentary! Love the way you write, and the way you handled the “getting off on self-destruction” – thanks for this!

      • ContactRida 10:33 pm on December 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        thank you very much. if only one person ‘gets it’, i feel just a little bit more sane in this insane world…

        • Matthew A Bennett 10:42 pm on December 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

          I do “get it”, and I’m glad you wrote it – but I would never recommend using me as a measuring stick for sanity 🙂

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    Tags: , Folklore, Literature, Nursery rhyme, Rhyme,   

    she sucks, i mean sulks 

    She thought to herself that the whole purpose of writing is to be recognized. “You’re being narcissistic,” she said out loud. She believed she wrote some engaging pieces, why hadn’t she been one of the top Editor’s picks, or at least honorable mention at WordPress. “What’s the fucking point of it all. I was obscure when I was writing privately. Now I’m writing publicly, and I’m even more obscure!” she angrily shouted in her head. “My haikus were awesome! My Dear Abbie letter, awesome! My dark nursery rhymes, even more AWESOMENESS! Where’s my fucking nod?!? This shit is totally political!” she ranted to herself. Quietly, the voice of reason and logic suggested, “You have just started blogging. Greatness takes time, practice and patience. It also takes courage. You must engage in things you dislike, like politics, current events, things that are trending. You have several degrees, so it’s not your inability to write. It’s your inability to write for a broader audience.” “Go fuck yourself” she snarked, “If I want to write songs, nursery rhymes, haikus, whatever, that’s what I write.” The soft, logical voice replied, “Well, in your vernacular, you are indeed fucked. And, the dryer buzzer just sounded, so please fetch your scrubs and get dressed for the career that actually pays. happyNOWthankyoumoreplease.” She ‘fetched’ her scrubs and sulked and mumbled, “fuck you,” to which the voice of reason queried, “What was that?”   “Nothing, happyNOWthankyoumoreplease.”


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