it’s cyber monday and i need a new phone. mine is basically a paper weight. it takes literally 3 minutes to open up an email. it’s only good for making calls and texting. but i can’t do either as soon as i turn on the phone, since it will call or text that person repetitively for about 2 minutes, so i have to let the phone warm up first for about 15 minutes before i do anything to it.

i want the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but i want it unlocked, so i can keep my cheap $30/mos plan with t-mobile. but i can’t justify spending $750 on it when i want to go back to Vegas again this summer. Phone? Vegas? Phone? Vegas?

i would say sleep on it, but i just bought a new mattress on Black Friday for $500 bucks, soooooo, there’s that.

I also bought my sister an Ipad 4 and my mother a gas range, so i’m pretty much tapped out for Xmas shopping.  did i mention i spent about $200 bucks on 50% off crap at Petsmart? kitty has a new plush 4 story tower and poochie has a new Kong mattress. they both got Greenies treats to rid their teeth of tartar. If that shit didn’t work so well, i would buy the cheap knock-offs.

so. i won’t get the phone. i won’t buy any X-mas decorations or tree. i will stop shopping at WholeFoods except for their Pomegranate Italian Soda, omg, it is heaven in an overpriced bottle. and i will eat smaller portions once the thanksgiving left overs are done. by the end of july, i will have all credit cards payed off and my body will be leaner and my plans for Vegas will be just a Priceline bid acceptance away.