Lessons from a Swedish co-ed sauna

yes it is a sad commentary on american males. when i spent a summer studying abroad, i noticed the difference in the attitudes of nudity (hell, even in Canada, there is a difference). while i did not go nude in europe, i did wear skimpier clothing without the leering eyes of american males. i don’t think in this country, nudity will ever be equated with just not having clothes on. very sad. with Girls Gone Wild and breastaurants (Hooters), females will always be sex objects in this country. also, i noticed in europe, that i wasn’t looked upon as a slut for having sex and enjoying having sex out of wedlock or absent a relationship. americans are uptight crabapples when it comes to sex, nudity and freedom of expression.


Herräng, Sweden is home to the largest swing-dance camp in the world. It hosts hundreds of multi-national dancers in one small town for a month, literally doubling their population every year. Dancers spend their days taking classes, hiking, paddling rowboats, making new friends, dancing the night away to live music, or relaxing in the co-ed sauna.

Co-ed sauna. Those words struck fear into my heart. I was raised to believe that being naked meant asking for sex. I hated that I my C-cup breasts drew unwanted attention at age 15 as much as they did at age 21. I remember wearing a v-neck top—a modest one—and my then boyfriend trying to feel me up all night because, as he said, “why would you wear that top if you didn’t want the attention?” In short, I was terrified of being naked or showing skin.

The only naked female bodies I had…

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