don’t be afraid of death

From the moment you are conceived, your death is predetermined.
Even your suicide, you cannot hide from the plans you made in the heavens.
On this other side is your original birth; it’s where all life began.
This is where you chose your path, you chose each circumstance.
You gave no thought to pleasure or pain, your goal was to experience
One particular way of living, be it fame, riches or abject weariness.
You will not die until your purpose has been fulfilled, that purpose that you decided
To not make manifest to yourself because this life is about the journey.
You do leave breadcrumbs for yourself, you provide little clues,
To let you know you’re on the right path, it’s called deja vu.
Death, on this side, is not the end, it is but the beginning.
Death is essential. Know that your life and your death, both have equal meaning.
When the time comes to shed your mortal coil, do not be afraid.
Your death is but a disembarkment, for many more journeys you have yet to make.