you want me to start work when?

During nursing orientation, we were told we would orient 8 weeks and could request more time if needed. I have 4 more weeks. Well, I thought I had 4 more weeks. They pull me off of the floor today in the middle of med admin. I think ‘great’, they’re going to chew me out about leaving late the last two days. But no. “We want you to come off orientation on Friday since you are not a new nurse,” matter of factly stated by the DON (director of nursing), “Is that ok with you?”

Inside I was screaming, “Fuck no! that’s not o-fucking-kay with me!” but on the outside I simply stated that I wasn’t mentally prepared for the sudden turn of events. So we compromised. Next week, I will orient to the 11p-7a shift, a shift that would seriously cut into my blogging time (expect lots of photos and haikus:)

And to top it off, I get a job offer via email today for group home work. It might pay more but I already committed to 40hr/wk at my new job. I don’t know about the economy everybody else is living in, but the one I’m living in, I am turning down work. Maybe it’s just a nursing thing.

I thought my performance was sub par thus far. I had no idea that the DON was impressed with how I performed. OR, it could just be a money thing: they are paying me my regular salary, plus they are paying the regular salary to the nurse training me. Money is a great motivator.

Ok. Enough about work. How was your day today?