how a gas range says “MOM”

Rida, if Lowes calls you for a survey, give the delivery/installation people a 5 or whatever the top rating is.  The gas line still needs to have a shut-off in the kitchen next to the wall.  I asked them to install the stove where its at.  The stove is about a foot from the wall, it can stay there until I get the kitchen finished.

Thanks again,


my mother sent me this email today. she always signs ‘Mom”. i have not called her mom or mommy since i was age 11 or 12. she stopped being a mom to me. i would always communicate with her by standing in front of, or beside her to get her attention. i still do. i know it hurts her to not hear me call her mom, but she forfeited all of her mommy privileges when she wished me dead, and all of the other numerous physical and psychological torture techniques she  used against me (well, in spite of herself, she made me very strong and resilient, and i know i could easily kill a person who was trying to kill me and sleep very well the same night, probably get the best sleep ever, but i digress:) yes i do envy the relationship she has with her non-rape baby, my sister (half-sister). this is just one of those things, that you just learn to live with.  so, i buy her a gas range. that is my way of saying ‘mom’.