when your dime store advice isn’t worth one cent

this is my reply in response to a post from: http://greengrowsdark.wordpress.com/2013/12/13/i-cant-believe-it-stupid-an-insensitive-people-on-wordpress/

you can not put people’s emotions into tidy categories. everyone goes through grief differently and to imply having a good cry as a stress reliever is ludicrous. humans are far more complex than that. working in healthcare, i see what grief does to people. after the loss of a child, one man developed Alzhiemer’s in his late 40’s and died 2 years later. who’s to say why he developed it so early and so quickly, the human mind is a mystery. the absolutely dumbest and most insensitive thing you can say to a person going through grief is, “well, at least it wasn’t…..”  the only thing that needs to come out of your mouth is, “how can i help?” that’s it. when the person is ready to accept advice, then that is when you offer it.”

that was me being polite. the uncensored version is: who the fuck are you, telling someone to go cry and count her fucking blessings? there is always someone worse off somewhere. but that has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with that individual person and his/her pain, and completely invalidates what he/she is feeling. that individual has a history, has memories, has habits, all of which come into play when coping with loss. to tell him/her to have a nice cry is full blown fucking retarded. so keep your useless, one dimensional, dime store advice to yourself and go back to commenting on Honey Boo Boo reruns.