spoiler alert: Santa is white and he twerks

Shout out to http://greengrowsdark.wordpress.com/ for alerting me to this breaking news. I am still on my happyNOWthankyoumoreplease diet, but this one was just too sinful to resist.   Of course Fox news remains faithful to its viewers by stating Santa and Jesus are white (see 1st video).  Jon Stewart cleverly debates those two “facts” in 2nd video.

As a believer that one embodies one’s name, I’d like to analyze the first name of Fox’s host, Megyn Kelly: ME + GYN = I AM A CUNT. So we should not judge Megyn. She is only  fulfilling her immaculate destiny as a righteous cunt. Hey! Don’t kill the messenger.  “Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable, doesn’t mean it has to change.”  Straight from the cunt herself.