she sucks, i mean sulks

She thought to herself that the whole purpose of writing is to be recognized. “You’re being narcissistic,” she said out loud. She believed she wrote some engaging pieces, why hadn’t she been one of the top Editor’s picks, or at least honorable mention at WordPress. “What’s the fucking point of it all. I was obscure when I was writing privately. Now I’m writing publicly, and I’m even more obscure!” she angrily shouted in her head. “My haikus were awesome! My Dear Abbie letter, awesome! My dark nursery rhymes, even more AWESOMENESS! Where’s my fucking nod?!? This shit is totally political!” she ranted to herself. Quietly, the voice of reason and logic suggested, “You have just started blogging. Greatness takes time, practice and patience. It also takes courage. You must engage in things you dislike, like politics, current events, things that are trending. You have several degrees, so it’s not your inability to write. It’s your inability to write for a broader audience.” “Go fuck yourself” she snarked, “If I want to write songs, nursery rhymes, haikus, whatever, that’s what I write.” The soft, logical voice replied, “Well, in your vernacular, you are indeed fucked. And, the dryer buzzer just sounded, so please fetch your scrubs and get dressed for the career that actually pays. happyNOWthankyoumoreplease.” She ‘fetched’ her scrubs and sulked and mumbled, “fuck you,” to which the voice of reason queried, “What was that?”   “Nothing, happyNOWthankyoumoreplease.”