the trap of paying for a WordPress Theme


If you have followed or recently looked at this blog, you may have noticed that it looks a bit more adult, professional, or better. But paying for this Basics Math Theme ($75), has left me with nothing but headaches. I’ve wasted hours trying to do simple things my free Minimalist Theme did automatically, like Reblog or post YouTube videos that weren’t cut off on the left side of the screen.

It’s these little things that push a person over the edge. Something as simple as posting, has now become something that angers me. I was angry all day today, and I could not figure out why until I tried to ReBlog a great post and it completely blew up my blog.

I have two scholarship essays to complete by the end of the month and I’m not writing them because I’m trying to write source code. Really? Yes, really? I would have a better chance inventing cold fusion, than trying to write code for my site. I don’t understand Shortcode, CSS, or

. It may as well be hieroglyphics.

When I use my hard earned money to improve my site, it should work better than the free themes. Correct? I can already hear the tech geeks and their geekie voices, “well your theme doesn’t support blah, blah, blah, geek, geek, geek” SO, what you’re actually saying is that the more money I spend at WordPress, the less the return I will receive. And stop telling me to post it. You have my name, address, telephone number and now my money. Why am I running you down? Fix it! Just fix it! Wait. Let me guess. I need to pay for a service contract.

What you tech geeks don’t understand or care about, is that this little piece of nothing, my blog, is an extension of me. I care when something goes wrong with it, or I can’t get something simple done. You may think I am stupid because I don’t understand code, but if a genius can not explain something in terms the listener can understand, then who is the stupid one?

Just fix the problem. Just fix it. (Could anyone tell me why this is aligned this way? This is the $%^# I’m talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)