Hi. My name is Zin (not really) and I am a blocked artist.

we are all blocked sometimes, more often than not, by ourselves. throw caution to the wind and just write whatever your fingers will allow…

Chasing The Red Thread

 I have been struggling with blocks for many years. When I was in college, this was not the case. I was churning out awesome work all the time. In between my many demanding classes I was producing work on the side, just for fun. I was always creating something.

It flowed and it was effortless.

Then things changed. I don’t know what happened, and I’m sure it wasn’t just one thing, but gradually I started losing my grip on my creativity. A stumble here and delay there. Other artists were progressing, but I wasn’t.

The career in games I had studied for never appeared. I was instead hired to an engineering firm as their only artist to render perspective projects. A fine starting job, but the next time I looked around years had flown past, and I? I had gone nowhere. And worse, my skills hadn’t either, while the…

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