Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions Easy To Keep

1. WEIGHT LOSS – Limit yourself to only three junk food items for the next 12 months.
Mine are:

a) Kettle potato chips. It’s hard to eat kettle chips quickly because they are brick hard and crunchy. They also serve as a great item to eat while mindlessly watching tv, since you can’t hear the tv over the crunch, you subconsciously eat less.

b) Chocolate covered nuts – I love Peanut Chews. They have Omega-3s and antioxidants. You can’t go wrong!


c) Home baked chocolate chip cookies – I have to make them from scratch. Being that I hate cooking, this is a huge deterrent to eating them.

2. EXERCISE – Park as far away from the store as you can. Make yourself walk those extra steps, and if there are stairs – take them! Your ass will thank you.

3. WINE – If you can’t cut down on junk food or park far away and take stairs, then you can drink more red wine. Red wine is chock full of total body goodness:

So I raise my glass to you and 2014. Let’s make this a Happier New Year!!!