the most resilient parasite

I called the financial aid office on friday before work. School starts monday and I didn’t receive any official letter of aid… well I didn’t open any mail, official or otherwise, for the past 5 weeks. I’m funny like that. So I was bumped around from office to office since departments don’t like to share information. After 10 minutes, I finally got to my aid guy. He said this is the last semester I can receive financial aid. I am totally maxed out. These 6 credits are paid for but nothing else. He said I could only qualify for aid if I went to medical school or pharmacy school; a Doctorate in Nursing would not be financed.

So that was the idea (the most resilient parasite) that was planted in my head on friday and that idea has not left since. If I need financial aid, it is there for me if I want to become a doctor. A doctor. A work in progress indeed…. Dr. Rida, has a nice ring to it.

But wait, there’s more. Financial aid guy said there was a two dollar balance left on my account. I won’t be able to attend class on monday if it was not paid. Nice.

I tried to find quality INCEPTION clips that explained how powerful an idea can be. I really love this movie and have seen it easily 20xs. But I found so much more. The last 2 vids are parodies. The 1st one had me in tears:)