Carly Simon & the honor of a reblog

this is in response to Dambreaker who wonders if the Reblog is another form of lazy:

one answer could be this: a reblog is a sincere appreciation/admiration of an artist’s work. that person who reblogs thought your work was so beautiful and inspiring, that he/she wanted others to see it in its exact form, unadulterated. i have only been reblogged 2 or 3xs. i see it as a great honor and it warms my soul. my writing touched that person so much, that they chose to share it with the people of their world. a reblog isn’t being lazy, it’s a show of respect. how many times have you quoted someone? is that being lazy? “to be or not to be? that is the question.”

if you don’t ‘get it’ then that’s ok. i for one, love being reblogged. i just wish i could produce great pieces every post to be worthy of a reblog everyday.

when you reblog, you are channeling Carly Simon: