don’t want to be all by myself anymore


yeah, i get it. you think if i did it with you, then i would do it with anyone. you would be dead wrong. why would you think so little of yourself? don’t you know how special you are? can’t you see how amazing you are? shame on you for not recognizing that you are charismatic, electric and intoxicating. the moment i opened my door to you, i knew you were the one for me. i am a romantic but i am not a child.. i no longer have sex for fun, those days are done. what i did with you was on a level all by itself. it transcended  basic pleasure. it was a joining of our broken parts to make a whole. you sensed it too, perhaps that is why you ran. i am strong. i know this. i can carry both of us but i am willing to let you lead. but i am not willing to let us go. this was not a one night stand. don’t you dare believe that. that was the beginning of something that could be so beautifully powerful for both of us. this is not an act of desperation for me. i don’t want to change you or save you. i want you just as you are with all of your flaws and perfections and complexities. you need someone who life is easy with, where one look is all the explanation needed. i am that person, so stop fighting it. accept that that one night was more than one night.  i want to be with you Ted. i don’t want to be all by myself anymore.