i love you

i love the way you look at me sometimes as if i have no flaws
i love the times you give in to me, times when you should pause
i love your relentless drive and your constant perseverance
i love how you throw caution to the wind and take so many chances

i love that you doubt yourself yet keep seeking your true north
i love your eternal optimism, how i wish i knew its source
i love your curiosity and your quest to keep growing
i love how you follow the wind no matter what direction it’s blowing

i love your tender heart and your strength, you keep me safe
i love how you anchor me when i feel out of place
i love that i can count on you when all others have failed
i love how you need no map, you blaze your own trails

when i need you the most, i know you are not far
i look into the mirror and say, “there you are.”


what do you love about yourself?