What would you grab when in a fire?

I usually share the following below, but this Tuesday night my building was on fire, literally. I discovered something about myself. I am retardedly calm in a crisis. Oh, and I need a new phone since this one takes wicked awful videos. So I stood outside in the freezing cold for nearly two hours wearing only my robe and my rain coat. You always wonder what you will grab when there’s a fire. I grabbed my keys, my crappy phone and my expensive camera that I used only once. Oh, and I put on my earmuffs.

Early in the video I startled two firemen who were battling the apartment blaze. When they told me to be careful, clearly they were thinking, “God always protects the retarded.” There’s rushing water all around me and silence, but I was concerned that my phone wasn’t capturing the ambiance of a two alarm blaze.

People were outside fearfully clenching their children and their pets, and then there’s me holding up my phone making idle conversation. There was a guy who wanted to have a glass of wine with me, but I declined. He wasn’t my type. If he were, this would be a very different post indeed.

I am back in my apartment. I climbed 15 flights of muddy stairs. I’ve put my robe in the wash. I hear glass being shoveled and dumped, probably from that apartment fire. Life is back to normal, well not for the family whose apartment is in wet, soppy ashes, but for the rest of us, the world still spins.

(climbing stairs at 11:00 minutes)

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