really? another fire?

after a god awful 7 days of no ‘me’ time [see previous post] (i can not function unless i have at least 6 hours a day that are just for me. seriously? ok. i’ll go as low as 5, but it was a week from hell which i thought was topped off by me getting a 79.92 on my exam today, but the universe said, “But wait, there’s more!”), i arrive home and the mother loving fire alarm goes off again! I waited 15 minutes. it didn’t stop. i walked onto the terrace and see fire trucks. i didn’t bother to film this 2nd fire. just took some grainy picks. sorry. the fire was in apt 712, another kitchen fire. i know i will develop OCD over the oven now. i’ve already started checking the knobs. this is how ‘mental’ shit starts.

2014-02-24 20.04.282014-02-24 20.40.43