Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

her sweetest dream continues to haunt her every so often. the dream is always the same: a beautiful man with dark piercing eyes who slyly tries to get her attention. he follows her like a lost puppy. he hangs on her every word. he makes himself indispensable. he is so amored. she eventually melts under his charms. their hands touch, they casually brush against one another while walking, he reaches for something near her as she suddenly moves near him. they accidentally brush lips. they gaze deeply into each others eyes. the whole world is blurred around them with a cosmic pulsation, vibration. this vibration consumes them. they yearn to be a part of the universe and a part of the other. they embrace fingers, move closer together, try to absorb the purity of the moment. a bed, a field, a plush surface appears. they gently float there. clouds it feels like. there but not there. she feels his weight, feels his heat, his fire. her heart races as her thighs part for him. she aches to feel him deep inside of her. she weeps for him. the more she begs for his touch, the more he fades like a mist. she screams for him, pleads, but he vanishes. she wakes with tears in her eyes, longing for that eternal love that has never come…



photo credit: http://lotzofwallpapers.com/i/holding-hands/holding-hands-wallpaper.jpg