How to be a sexy vegan(ish)

In the quest of this again: large sexy calves (2) my diet has dramatically changed, and I have purchased this:max-trainer 5the Bowflex Max5, due to be delivered in 45-60 days.

I weighed myself and it was not pretty. While I have a sexy, voluptuous form with an ample bosom and serious junk in the trunk,


I want the lean, sprinter’s form I had a few years ago. To be truthful, my diet has changed because I now believe our planet cannot be sustained if we continue eating meat (and dairy-though my body has become stronger since I switched from soymilk to lactose free whole milk):

My opinion on meat was mainly influenced by Mayim Bialik. She is a Neuro-scientist, Mom, vegan and former child star of Blossom. Take a listen:

While I will never be a total vegan, I would like to think I am doing a small part to keep the planet healthy and keep my temple, my body, healthier too. What are your thoughts?

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