love at first sight

“Death is visiting with you today.” He did enjoy the acknowledgement of life’s circle in their eyes… in the beginning, but lately he’s been contemplating the future, his future, his legacy. He believed the universe is plentiful for those who honor their passion. The universe places judgment only on those who deny their true nature. “A bird’s gotta fly. A fish gotta swim. And I gotta tend to my flock.”

He slowly wiped the condensation from the bathroom mirror revealing his eyes. Not shark eyes, but predator eyes. He saw them once. “Excuse me miss, I’m a lil loss, not from these parts. Could you help me fine Pop-lar street?” he delicately asked turning on his Southern charm. She looked at him as he sat in his running SUV. She stared. She didn’t move. “Be careful what you ask for,” she said without averting her eyes. Her eyes made him feel small, like he was a little boy getting viciously whipped, cowering in the corner of his daddy’s shed.

She casually stepped from the  sidewalk to the passenger side of his vehicle. “Turn off the ignition and hand me the keys.” Those eyes of hers. They saw him. He was afraid but he saw his hands turning off the ignition. He saw himself giving her his keys, but he couldn’t stop himself. Her eyes never left him, like a master testing her dog for obedience. He looked away. He looked down and gripped the steering wheel with white knuckles. His throat was ash dry and he couldn’t swallow. He felt tears welling in his eyes about to drop.

“Let me show you something.” she said softly but firmly. She started walking away. Just like that. She walked away. He looked at her move so effortlessly almost floating with her broad shoulders and muscular calves. “Thisiscrazythisiscrazythisiscrazy!” he screamed nonsensically in his head. He thought he might piss himself. Then she looked over her shoulder and shot him a sultry Mona Lisa smile, beckoning him. He had to follow her. Had to see this to its inevitable end. “Would death be visiting with me today?” he meekly implored of himself. He did not know, but everything in his body wanted to follow her… anywhere… everywhere… nowhere.

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