my name is wanted

my name is pain
for all the unwarranted beatings you gave me
my name is sorrow
for telling me you wish i wasn’t born
my name is shame
for making me feel like i was the sole cause of all of your woes
my name is damaged
for what you let happen to me
my name is worthless
for never saying how much i meant to you
my name is exposed
for never feeling safe with you
my name is anger
for seeing what i missed out on
my name is empty
for having to start all over again
my name is motion
for destroying and laying my new foundation
my name is persevere
for always believing in more
my name is open
for allowing others to love me
my name is forgive
for seeing you did the best you could
my name is querida
it means “wanted”
your name is Mom
for now i see you always loved me


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