unwept unhonored and unsung

she stands upon the cliff frozen
consumed by thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow
feeling each second pass as if it were her last
“can time not stop?” she begged of her god
“or rather it slow in times of feast
and fold upon itself during famine?”
shadows of squandered love haunt her
whispers of barren future press the same
“time is unkind as it does not heal
but replays misery unlearned.”
but one step would end thoughts
would end all she had been
end all she would be
one step, “and be forgotten
nothing to mark i was here?”
better to stay frozen
than take step and perish with no name
“unwept unhonored and unsung.”


title & last line credit: Sir Walter Scott
photo credit: http://www.visualphotos.com/photo/2×4499576/woman_standing_on_edge_of_cliff_21134.jpg