4 more weeks of…

I have four more weeks of class, or at least, I hope I have only four. As I have written previously, my academic fate dangles in the balance. I may have to repeat that class this summer. So, thinking of that just made me sleepy. So I slept for most of Tuesday. No. I wasn’t depressed. I just wanted my body to experience unapologetic rest before the shit-storm of:
no sleep,
attempted daily studying,
some writing,
non-stop double shift working every weekend,
one day of teaching students,
waiting for my GM car to blow up since the engine light is always on now, did I mention I just took it to the dealership to have the ‘check engine light’ problem repaired,
and continue my diet,
do my taxes,
correction, start my taxes,
and stretch my back on my yoga ball because I think I’m getting a hunch back from leaning over my patients’ beds,
plus deal with my mother who said she wanted to move, which means I will have to finance that,
and text with this guy I’ve known for over three years, whom I’ve never kissed or held hands with, but I would like to marry some day,
but ok with the idea of being forever single since I unofficially married myself to me a day ago,
since I will never leave me,
and will always provide for me
and keep me safe,
and love me unconditionally.

So. You can see why I slept all day Tuesday:)
photo credit: http://www1.free-clipart.net/gallery2/clipart/Business/Cartoons/Time_Running_Out.jpg