no call no show

Yet another reason to work for myself:

I get a call at 11pm from a number I do not recognize. I was looking up scripture for an idea for Friday Fictioneers so I just let it ring. I listen to the message and it’s work, “Are you running late? Give us a call.” What? I’m off. I signed my official schedule last week. But because I have a strong work ethic, I call in to clear up the confusion. Or so I thought.

To my surprise the snippy supervisor says to me that because I called in she wouldn’t put me down as a no call no show. What?! Because the scheduler made a mistake I’m at fault!? “It’s your responsibility to look at the schedule which I put up! You should have seen your name on the daily schedule and brought it to my attention!”

“So why sign an official schedule with Lori?” I ask. “I have nothing to do with that. You should have seen your name on the daily schedule I put up.” “I’ve never had to look at a daily schedule since I always knew when I worked. So I’ve just been lucky since I’ve been working there?” To which she snaps, “Yes. I guess so.” Then she continues her tirade and says she’s wasting her time talking to me because now she has to be the nurse, since I’m not coming in.

I guess she expected me to say mea culpa and comply. Fuck that! It’s your mistake not mine. That’s why you are the supervisor. Fire me. Good luck with finding someone to replace me working 11p-7a. Now go be the nurse and see how easy it is to care for 50 patients. Good luck with that sincerely.

I just finished my last final on Monday and I’ve started reading the first of two entrepreneur books. I’m not angry right now. I’m determined to use that supervisor’s tirade as fuel to light the fire under my ass to move quicker at starting my own business (more like invention/product). The funny thing is when I graduate and pass my boards, that little troll will be taking orders from me. Karma’s a bitch and so am I:)