luck of the Irish

  20140522_180449 There was a sudden downpour. Her hair and clothes clung heavily to her small frame. A puddle of blood formed beneath her bare feet. She clenched her left hand where her pinky and ring finger used to be. “Tell us where he hid the gold or lover boy takes his first and last flying lesson.” She had no idea where Rex hid the treasure and he wasn’t talking since he no longer had a tongue. She loved him fiercely and would move heaven and earth to save him. To save them both. From the rooftop of their coveted luxury highrise, the glamorous life seemed so meaningless now. The rains stopped as abruptly as they had begun.She looked desperately toward the skies for answers. A rainbow appeared. “I know where he hid the gold. I can take you there.” She only needed time. And a little bit of luck.

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