WordCamp Philly 2014 – AWESOME!

This weekend ends WordCamp Philadelphia. It was a mind-blowing two days, well one day, since Sunday was for Developers and I am a baby User, so I didn’t attend. But otherwise I learned so much about WordPress and that there is a .Com and a .Org, but don’t ask me to explain the difference because I don’t remember, only that .Org has over 30,000 themes, I think.

One thing that stood out was the average age of the attendees. I thought there’d be so many freaking hipsters there that I would have to go on an ice pick stabbing spree. But the average person was about 35-40 with a fair number of women. And people seemed to come in pairs or groups. Yes, that’s more than one thing that stood out.

I stayed to myself mostly. I did eat lunch at a sushi cafe with another attendee named Paul. And I did get great hands-on help with my site from two techies, one named Spencer,

who registered me on Instagram, and the other who gave me great ideas on ecommerce (sorry, forgot his name).

I did not attend the after-parties. I did not sleep the night before: I worked Thursday night and the computers went down for scheduled maintenance; therefore, I had to stay late to put in patient data, plus there was a code (patient not breathing) and the fire alarm went off but no one could find the fire. I left work at 9am, then drove my car to the dealership without an appointment. My inspection expired on the 1st and the Check Engine light was on yet again (a $500 fix last time due to some off firing spark plugs). Long story short, it cost $200 (loose gas cap) this time but I didn’t get the sticker since the mechanic said I had to drive it awhile to make sure the light didn’t reappear (too late- it already did). Then I went pet grocery shopping and ended up buying a starter 5 gallon fish tank -WTF?!- yeah I know- and did you know you have to wait several days to get fish? I have to bring them a sample of my tank water so they can go all CSI and approve my tank habitable for fish which can only be 2-3 since my tank is so small.

OK. So what does any of that have to do with WordCamp and not attending the after parties? Well, because I wasted my entire day getting the car (not) fixed and tending to the pets at my mother’s, when I finally got home I decided to see the first showing of X-men on Friday morning. Bad idea, since after that, I went grocery then beauty supply shopping. Then it took me all night to braid my hair and by the time I finished, it was 7am Saturday morning!

So I did not go to the after parties because I could not keep my eyes open. I would not have had a good time any way because I was expecting to meet my one true love (not really) by really. So when I expect to meet a man, I never do, so I knew I had effectively cock-blocked myself. And that Spencer guy was oh so very fuckable…

Sooooooooo, I would encourage everyone to attend a WordCamp. They are very informational and interactive. They will send you in so many different and amazing directions and help get your site/blog to that next level.

ps: this is why i now only write once or twice a week. because this is the shit that comes out of my brain. just these bat-shit crazy ramblings that mean nothing to anyone but my insanely self-absorbed self. which is why i do so well with word restrictive writing. i suffer from a rare form of writer’s block: there is too much shit in my brain competing for attention that i can’t decide what to fucking put down on paper. picture the Three Stooges all at once, trying to get through a narrow door opening. that’s my brain. and probably yours too if you made it this far:)


photo credit: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/de/e0/65/dee0653cb90fa2f68b3fb530254dd3dd.jpg