Legalize Marijuana Now! 

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I administer at work: morphine, dilaudid, oxycodone, methadone, vicodin, ativan, ambien, xanax and a number of other lethal yet legal drugs. These drugs do absolutely nothing to enhance the patients’ lives, it only creates quite a few addicts. I would rather see the people light up with some legal weed and start eating better, socializing and having a better quality of life. Big pharmaceutical companies will never allow country-wide legalization of marijuana because it will cut into their market and their ever over-flowing trough of profits. They are no different from the ghetto street corner drug dealers wiping out the competition. And that whole lame argument about kids becoming weed addicts is 100% ludicrous when alcohol is legal and is the proud sponsor of nearly every professional sport. As a sidebar, we have 12 year old kids on Adderal and Ritalin. Those are phucking amphetamines! Really!? What ever happened to going outside and playing in the street? But I digress. This country doesn’t remember Prohibition and all of the crime, violence and corruption it spawned. Politicians are such hypocrites. They only care about the lobbyist who donates them the most money. They are lap dogs, but let their family member get a debilitating disease and they will move heaven and earth to treat that person (unless of course you are Newt Gingrich, then you would just dump your ailing loved ones in a ditch). Nothing will change in this country until we, as individuals, stand up and say enough is enough. Stop the bigoted, ignorant, bible thumping minority from destroying the lives of the majority. Stop being afraid to speak out! The lunatics have no problem speaking out. It’s time for sanity to be heard. It’s time for sanity to rule.