are you a slut if you can’t remember all of your 3-somes? 


i was listening to an awesome Chicago song, If you leave me now:

why this song would remind me of threesomes, is beyond me. but that i had to try to recall how many there were, was the odd part. there was the fireman and his buddy. that was too awesome. then the sicilian and his italian friend. whoa mamma. then the two college guys at the bar, a little creepy since i dommed them both. then i think there was another two guys in there somewhere. no. i’ve never been in a 3some with another woman. call me crazy. i like dick and i’m selfish.

anyhoo, back to Chicago. not that the 3somes were great love affairs, but it was when sex was fun and carefree and it was the biggest part of me. i don’t have that now, so this song makes me sad. i hope if there is a cock goddess out there in the heavens, she would bless me with another 3some before i die. please goddess… please…

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